Is your postcode not on the new ‘white’ list?

… if so, do not despair. It is still our intention to ensure 100% coverage of the area. We’re working on this, and we’ll have a solution for you at the same time, we hope, as that for our ‘White List’ postcodes.

The problem, if there is one, will be that no grant funding will be available to connect your property to the network we’ll be building. This is due to State Aid rules, which are applied on a postcode-by-postcode basis rather than a property-by-property basis. There are moves under way to change the legislation on this, but our area can’t wait – we need the service as soon as possible.

We think our business model will be sufficiently robust to include you without undue delay or cost, either to ourselves or to you. It is really important we get this right, because the longterm survival of our network depends not only on the White postcode subscribers, but all those other properties not covered by BT’s service in their ‘Grey’ postcodes. It may mean an installation cost, or a slightly higher subscription to begin with, but equally it may not.

  1. I was assured by the SNP in 2015 that by early 2016 I would have Superfast broadband. By chance an off duty Open Reach employee told me a few weeks ago this was incorrect. He was right. I am PA 25 8BA. St Catherines. tel 01499302207. I am apparently 2 miles from Cabinet3 (Inveraray) to which FTTC may soon be going. So my lamentable, unusable speed of c1 Mb will not increase. I need to download to operate my consultancy. I am even further from Strachur. Maybe 2 miles. My MSP mike Russell is very sympathetic and CBS per Campbell Cameron has asked me to contact KCB so I can be included in the urgent drive to get even reasonable, usable (5 Mb) broadband. The SNP have let us all down but I am glad that some people are acting. I will do all I can to support KCB.

    • Thanks for your comments Edward. The whole process is slow and hamstrung by a series of corporate and governmental relationships which are not in the best interests of the consumer, despite having been set-up with the best of intentions. KCB intends to get a service up and running as soon as possible, and hopes to expand Loch Fyne-ward as soon as possible. We will continue to update the site and everyone via the newsletter!

  2. I am that MSP ( see Eward MacKechnie above) and I am not only sympathetic to him but also very concerned that my own postcode – PA223AH – isn’t on the “white list”. I can see no reason for that given it lies absolutely within the project area. Do the team have any explaination for its exclusion and what other exclusions are there ? I will raise all of them with BT /HIE if you can give them to me .

  3. Thanks Michael, you are now in one of the white postcodes (I hope you have seen the recent story?) and we think that we will be able to reach those in postcodes partially served by BT sometime after October this year when the legislation is to be changed … We are also hopeful that KCB will gain enough momentum over the next months to expand our area of operations into areas like St. Catherine’s, Otter Ferry and Kilfinan – more of which when and as it happens!

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