KCB Newsletter: Developing Relationships to make this project work!

The last newsletter was about reconfiguring our approach according to the new realities we had been landed with, this one is about further refining our approach, and nailing down some of the imprecise information we have been given.

Our teleconference on Sunday last gave us some definitives, some pauses and some ways forward, including a summit of all the organisations involved in KCB’s progress towards providing community broadband.

This weekend we have created some snapshots of the two surveys we launched two weeks ago – which make very interesting, and at times depressing, reading. We have also published the revised list of ‘white’ postcodes – ones we can provide broadband to – which *should* go out to consultation shortly. Have a look at the numbers, do you think they are accurate? Are there more subscribers we could count on? Let us know.

And yes, it is our intention to make broadband available to folks not in the white postcodes, particularly those who maybe in a BT area, but will never get the BT NGB connection.

The KCB Team