New Postcode Whitelist Now In For Approval …

We have received this list from Campbell at CBS this week and it represents the new postcode list we will be working from. This has been submitted to DSSB and we’ll have confirmation in due course that we have secured these postcodes exclusively.

Postcodes  Area      Premises Description Additional?
PA20 9LS Kilchattan Bay 4 Bruchag
PA20 9NA Kilchattan Bay 5 Piperhall
PA20 9NX Kilchattan Bay 3 Dixons Dan
PA22 3AA Glendaruel 12 North
PA22 3AB Glendaruel 7 Kilbridemor to Camuhart  +4
PA22 3AD Glendaruel 3 Dunans  +2
PA22 3AE Glendaruel 12 Conchra
PA22 3AF Glendaruel 13 West side
PA22 3AG Glendaruel 8 Tiny code mid 3AE
PA22 3AJ Glendaruel 12 East down to Dunoon Rd Junction
PA22 3AU Colintraive 4 Huge code east side of Peninsula
PA22 3AX Colintraive 4 Small code south of village
PA23 7UL Toward 11 West side Cowal Peninsula
PA23 8RG N. Loch Striven 9 Ardtaraig
Totals  107  6
Premises + Additionals = potential subscriber base [19/03/16]  113*

*Our original figures indicated 70 subscribers would provide a sustainable basis for the project at a 30% take-up.

The question that will immediately come to mind is: What about all the other properties which won’t get covered by BT but aren’t in the postcodes listed above? Answers to this here.

If you know of more potential subscribers in a postcode, then let us know here.

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  1. Ardlamont Estate currently has 6 seperate residences, and is only regarded as being one residence.
    Ardlamont Holiday Cottages can increase the population of this area by 30 plus on a weekly basis.
    Not only Broadband is unavailable, mobile phone signal is virtually non-existent.
    How are we able to compete in a growing holiday at home market without the absolute basics that guests demand.

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