The Broader Picture, Campbell Cameron, CBS

Community Broadband Scotland’s Campbell Cameron has been KCB’s main point of contact during the development of the project.

Here’s Campbell’s Powerpoint Presentation, and below, the text and some images!

In partnership with Highlands and Islands Enterprise and the Independent networks cooperative association.

WHY? 1

  • Our ambition for Scotland to become a world class digital nation …..requires that people living, working and visiting can communicate and connect instantly using
  • Scotland’s World Class 2020 Vision
  • Any device, Anywhere, Anytime.

WHY? 2

Over £420m is being invested in Scotland on Fibre Infrastructure across two contracts which will ensure that 95% + of properties are connected to Superfast Broadband Infrastructure…..

HOW? 1

  • Help Communities Who Want To Go Faster and Further.
  • Help Fund Those Communities Who Are Unlikely to Benefit From DSSB (120,000 + homes and premises).
  • Enable Stakeholder and Supplier Engagement to Bring The Benefits of Scale to The Smallest Communities.
  • Closing The Digital Divide

HOW? 2

  • Advice, Guidance & Support
  • Funding to Inspire, Design and Build
  • Supply Chain Support and Intervention
  • Inspiring, Empowering and Enabling




  • 15 Community Capital Projects Funded
  • (3 projects pending funding)
  • Up to 6,000 transformational connections enabled this year.
  • Engaged with over 90 communities across Scotland representing over 15,000 premises.


Example is GigaPlus Argyll (the light blue areas are all included in the project giving sustainable scale to the project)


  • 7 Communities
  • 12 Inhabited Islands
  • Up to 3,000 people
  • Over 1,500 premises
  • Creating Scale – by Aggregation


This project has the potential to transform the economic, social and cultural aspects of life in the KCB area.