Welcome to the first KCB Newsletter!

Thanks for signing up to hear about developments with Kyles Community Broadband. This is the first of our no-more-than-weekly newsletters, and we hope you find them useful over the coming months to keep in touch with how we are progressing towards our commitment to 100% broadband coverage for the area!

You may find the newsletter on kcb.scot prior to its issue as an email – this is only because we intend to publish everything on the website as an ongoing archive, and the newsletter application takes its content directly from the website.

We’ll not email you more than once a week, but sometimes it may be more than a week before you get your next installment. This won’t mean nothing is happening, just that we’re at a quiet stage in the process.

As mentioned earlier, all the material we will link to from these newsletters will remain on the kcb.scot website, meaning you can review the material at any time, or be sure that if you send someone to the site, they’ll be able to get up-to-date pretty quickly.

As you will see from our Chair’s short presentation from the community meetings, we promise to be open and transparent, and this website will help us achieve these aims. And if you’re thinking, well what about those folk who haven’t got a connection or are surviving on 28kbps? We have a very light website design in the latter case (with any big files being linked to and also summarised on the associated posts) and for the former we hope to periodically offer print updates and community meetings for progress reports.

This time we have a summary of the presentations made at the community meetings which have just been held and which attracted a combined audience of over 70, which we’re very pleased with!

Introduction, Charles Dixon-Spain, KCB

The Broader Picture, Campbell Cameron, CBS

Progress So Far, Graham Curran, KCB