KCB gathers pace and postcodes …

As promised in our last post, we are now able to post a finalised list of the postcodes we will be able to cover under the present legislation, and which we will be eligible to receive 89% of funding for under State Aid rules.

The following list of postcodes have now been confirmed as ‘White’ – which means to say these are the postcodes that KCB will be able to provide its service to under the funding available through Community Broadband Scotland (via HIE and BDUK).

North Bute
PA20 0QF
PA20 0QU
PA20 0QX

South Bute
PA20 9NA
PA20 9NT
PA20 9NU
PA20 9NX
PA20 9PF

PA23 7UL

PA22 3AH
PA22 3AP
PA22 3AR
PA22 3AS
PA22 3AT
PA22 3AU
PA22 3AX

PA22 3AA
PA22 3AB
PA22 3AD
PA22 3AE
PA22 3AF
PA22 3AG
PA22 3AJ
PA23 8RG

We are pleased to say that this is an expanded list and we are led to believe by CBS consultants that there are over 420 properties in the area. This greatly enhances our business plan, and means we are able to progress our preferred sustainable project.

The next step is to move forward towards a DSSB superfast contract. CBS and their consultants Farrpoint will be enabling this work over the next weeks.

Changes in legislation are meaning that there will be a rush of applications over the coming months, and we are not certain how this will affect our progress towards rolling out this service. Suffice to say the board and volunteers at KCB will ensure we get the project off the ground as quickly as possible.

As mentioned in our last post KCB are also investigating partnerships with third parties to mitigate funding and scheduling issues, but in the meantime, we will be contacting local businesses in the hope that they will make financial undertakings to help fund the 11% of match-funding KCB has to acquire.

We have produced a map to show where this first phase of installations will be available. With the addition of 8 postcodes on Bute and all 7 in Colintraive, this is regarded by CBS as a highly sustainable project.


What if my postcode is not on the list? We have a partial answer here. If you have any further queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch or have a look at our FAQs.